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CR Coin response to Leo C.U.

Greetings CR Coin family, This is an official response to the drama caused by a group of individuals who are not so happy Blockchain Costa Rica is “Blockchain Costa Rica”.

Why the drama?

El drama comenzó hace 3 años con la creación de nuestra organización de equipo “Blockchain Costa Rica”, en la que desarrollaríamos proyectos relacionados con web 3 y blockchain. No teníamos intención de “copiar” el nombre de una organización ya existente. La organización en cuestión era “BlockchainCR”. Los representantes de esta organización conversaron con nuestro equipo y nos aconsejaron que no usáramos la palabra “Blockchain” para representar a nuestra empresa, ya que esta es su palabra y solo ellos pueden usar esta palabra.

The CR Coin team thought this was very childish behavior and chose to no longer associate with BlockchainCR. Later, our very first convention of CR Coin was set to be hosted at the Ambassador hotel in San Jose. This convention was interrupted by a call from “probably” the same group of individuals.

Who pleaded with the receptionist to not allow CR Coin and Blockchain Costa Rica to have their convention in the hotel because they have the word “Blockchain” in the name and presentation. They continued to explain to the receptionist that they are the “real” Blockchain group of Costa Rica and they own the rights to the word “Blockchain”. Attached below is a screenshot of the profile of the so called “representative” of BlockchainCR .

This person “Gabo Esquivel” has 7 posts on his profile, one titled “Cuidado con CRCoin” (Careful with CRCoin). The post has no conclusion as to why you should “tener cuidado con CRCoin” other than the article claiming that we are impersonating them and trying to sell CR Coin using their brand name.

Gabo has sent voice messages to the Blockchain Costa Rica team asking to be part of the CR Coin project under one condition. This one condition was Blockchain Costa Rica cannot use the word “Blockchain”. The audio sent from Gabo claims the project is lacking because he is not part of it and the only way for the project to succeed is with his presence in the project.

We do wish to apologize for a mistake a designer made when designing our website/instagram account. The graphic designer googled images of Blockchain in Costa Rica and chose an image which was also on the website of “BlockchainCR” . The image was accidentally used on our initial website/instagram account and changed upon realizing that BlockchainCR had the same image.

We believe this is the root of the hate and drama coming from BlockchainCR. You are probably just as surprised as I am that this group of proclaimed “professionals” has this much time to waste hating on another project.

Here is a list of blockchain projects which “BlockchainCR” and Gabo Esquivel has created over the past 3 years:
That’s correct, none. At least not publicly. Sorry if you were expecting something. 🤷‍♂️

This is a small group of individuals who claim to be blockchain professionals and spend their time criticizing the utility of other projects in their region. Let’s have a look at another CR Coin hater who loves to waste their time defaming the project.

A great example of these haters is Leo C.U the author of an article titled “Razones para prevenir a CRCoin como una inversión”. Leo has 2 followers, one being his mother, and one post on his profile that’s correct, just one single post on his entire profile and it is about the CR Coin project and reasons why you should not invest. Let’s take a look into some of the claims Leo has to say in his article of hate…

Claim #1 – “No es descentralizado” (Not decentralized?)

The article claims that CR Coin is not hosted on a decentralized blockchain and that the DecentralChain blockchain is maintained by nodes owned by DecentralChain. The article goes on to explain that the nodes which are all apparently owned by DecentralChain will produce profits for only those inside the DecentralChain organization. The article also comments on our node installment fee of $10,000 which Leo claims is a fee for the right to own a node.

Leo could have taken 2 minuets out of his day to investigate the project but would rather spend his time writing articles based on zero truth. The following link https://decentralscan.com/peers will take you to the DecentralChain blockchain explorer. Here you can find for yourself the list of 50+ nodes which are currently sustaining the DecentralChain blockchain. These nodes are hosted worldwide and each node has different owner. If we compare DecentralChain to some of the larger names on the market we can see that DecentralChain is actually much more decentralized than you would expect. We can take BSC as an example, which is the result of a hard-fork of the Go Ethereum protocol and runs on 12 nodes yet is one of the most known blockchains of the present moment. EOS is another great example of a blockchain which is considered “decentralized” and hosted via only 5 nodes.

Proof: https://cryptopotato.com/why-eos-dapps-are-dangerously-dependent-on-just-five-nodes/

The DecentralChain network consists of 52 nodes, making it one of the most decentralized blockchains to date. Leo’s claims of DecentralChain owning all the nodes to consume the profits from the network is based on fantasy and lacks any foundation of truth. DecentralChain is based on open source technology and ANYONE can launch a node to the DecentralChain blockchain. The node installment fee of $10,000 is not a requirement to launch a node. This is only a requirement for those who wish to have their node professionally installed for them by the DecentralChain cybersecurity department. This professional installment also includes an extra layer of cybersecurity installed to your node if you choose this optional package. The node installment fee of $10,000 is returned to the client to their node in equivalent in DecentralCoin. DecentralCoin is the native cryptocurrency of the DecentralChain blockchain and if you are familiar with cases like Ethereum 2.0, to be able to join the staking, a minimum of 32 ETH is required, which is equivalent to approximately $90,000 at the time of the creation of this post.

Claim #2 – “¿Su codificación es de otro proyecto?” (Fork?)

Leo claims DecentralChain is unable to use and innovate existing blockchain code which is also open source. In the article written by Leo, he expresses his concern of our use of different “open source” codes from other projects that have been compiled together to create the DecentralChain ecosystem. Using and innovating on already created code is a common practice as a developer.  This is also an extremely common practice in the blockchain and crypto community. A great example is “Binance Smart Chain” or “BSC”, this blockchain is a hard fork of the Go Ethereum protocol, the case of Bitcoin Gold, a well-known fork of Bitcoin and the list known and famous forks is long .

The reason why developers leave their projects open source is to keep a high level of transparency between the user base and the project developers. Anyone is capable of reviewing the entire DecentralChain code base on Github, we do not hide our code, nor do we keep it private. The DecentralChain blockchain is a decentralized open source project for everyone, even our haters.

The reason behind the DecentralChain blockchain is not to recreate the wheel, but to use an already established code to compile and develop a unique decentralized blockchain network for Central America, where also according to our plans the code will take our own course eventually. Leo forgot to mention the DecentralChain blockchain is the only blockchain on earth which is hosted by “eco-nodes”. An ‘eco-node’ is a term used to represent a node, which is sustained using renewable energy. Every node that is currently upholding the DecentralChain blockchain is an ‘eco-node’. This can be verified using thegreenwebfoundation.org. Future nodes which are hosted using non-renewable energy will be carbon offset.

Claim #3 – Posee muy baja bursatilidad” (Not Exchangeable?)

Leo goes on to claim that it is impossible to exchange CR Coin for another cryptocurrency like USDT or Bitcoin as he claims CR Coin is not present on any exchanges.

This is yet another lie, here is a direct like where you can visit an exchange which CR Coin is listed vs multiple different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Link: https://decentral.exchange/dex?assetId2=G9TVbwiiUZd5WxFxoY7Tb6ZPjGGLfynJK4a3aoC59cMo&assetId1=25iPQ8zKBRR5q1UKUksCijiyb18EGupggjus6muEbuvK

Using the link above, anyone can participate in the decentralized exchange of CR Coin vs Bitcoin. You can review the recent trading data which is provided by the exchange. This data shows daily transactions of Bitcoin vs CR Coin. Anyone in the world can use this exchange without the need to register sensitive personal data. Within less than 5 mins anyone can create an account and start trading CR Coin for Bitcoin or Bitcoin or CR Coin.

Blockchain Costa Rica has placed their attention on utility of CR Coin rather than focusing on adapting CR Coin to the most popular exchanges. The CR Coin team will admit the wait for CR Coin to be integrated to a larger known exchange has been long. However, during this wait the CR Coin team has spent hundreds of hours amplifying the utility of CR Coin. CR Coin has hundreds of merchants located throughout the entire country of Costa Rica which accept CR Coin as a valid method of payment.

Anyone can visit the CR Coin directory and review the different merchants which accept CR Coin as a method of payment. The link to the CR Coin directory can be found here: https://TheBlockchainParadise.com – Enjoy Hotels, Parasailing, Fine Dining and so much more all using CR Coin!

CR Coin should not be confused with an “investment” offer as this is also not how the project is presented on any of our sites (where ANYONE can check), but as an instrument to simplify barter between two parties. That is why the main focus of the CR Coin team is the trading network first, and the exchanges second.

It is of great priority to the CR Coin team to be listed on more known exchanges. This will allow the price of CR Coin to be reflected on known crypto index sites like Coingecko and CoinMaretCap.com. The CR Coin team is also constantly working on improving the experience of the user base. A swap platform is in development for CR Coin which will allow liquidity staking and automated market making. This means anyone can participate in staking liquidity to the CR Coin ecosystem in order to amplify the pool of liquidity for trading CR Coin.

Claim #3 – Las páginas del proyecto

Leo goes on to post a few dead links which apparently represent the esthetic of the project as a scam. This claim is an insult to Leo’s own intelligence. Anyone can create a dead link of an original domain and then claim a project is a scam, which is clearly what Leo has done. For example, https://www.binance.com/signups link does not exist and redirects to an error page. So Leo, does this mean Binance is a scam too?


It is unfortunate that that our team has to waste precious time responding to articles which sole purpose is to incite drama. It is even more unfortunate that an organization with a similar vision and in the same region spends their time inciting drama. It is evident that they would rather try to cause problems rather than help solve them. We will no longer comment on the nonsense drama which is being perpetuated by the individuals mentioned above. You can come to your own conclusion with what is presented in this post. As always, thank you for reading, and have an amazing rest of your day. Expect more amazing content and updates of the CR Coin project to be posted via the CR Coin blog!

Also, don’t forget to follow our instagram for daily updates on new Merchants which are added the ecosystem on a daily basis! https://instagram.com/crcoincrypto

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