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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum amount of CR Coin you can deposit into the bot is 100 CR Coin please do not deposit any less than 100 CR Coin into the bot or you risk losing the coins.

The CR Coin you deposit into the BOT will generate daily profits over a period of 180 days. After 180 days you will generate a total of 20% return on your deposit. This return can be exponentially compounded if you decided to reinvest your profits you generate from the bot.

No, if you have any active investments you are unable to withdrawal until these investments have finished. 

Once the new CR Coin blockchain has been finished we will allow withdrawals of profits from your balance at any time.

Yes, this bot was created by the official team of Blockchain Costa Rica. Your coins are 100% safe here.

You have recently deposited CR Coin and are waiting for your coins to be reflected in your bot? 

This process can take up to 1 hour to confirm the transaction. (Normally it takes much less time)

Please be patient and wait for your deposit to be reflected to your bot. Click the button “Balance” to refresh / update your bot.  

Rate of return subject to change at any time and rate of affiliate commission subject to modification at any time.

No, once we distribute all the CR Coin left to distribute the CR Coin bot will have finished it’s work.

In the meantime, work as hard as possible to create your teams and generate as much CR Coin as possible! Enjoy!!

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