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Blockchain Costa Rica donates $10,000 equivalent in CR Coin to “The Clean Wave” Foundation.

Blockchain Costa Rica donates $10,000 equivalent in CR Coin to “The Clean Wave” Foundation.

The team at Blockchain Costa Rica has a passion for nature and preserving the beauty of Costa Rica. At the core of CR Coin is a social impact initiative which we wish to expand throughout the entire country. Over 500,000 CR Coin are designated to be distributed to organizations which generate a positive social impact.

The small group of programmers at Blockchain Costa Rica realized they don’t have the time to visit and clean all the countries beaches. However, thanks to blockchain technology, CR Coin can be present at every beach clean up and social activity simultaneously. Incentivising the participants of these activities for their participation and social impact.

As a Blockchain Costa Rica initiative to generate a social impact and incentivize social activities using CR Coin. A donation of the equivalent of $10,000 in CR Coin has been issued to “The Clean Wave” foundation via the “thecleanwave” alias. View the transaction ID inside the DecentralChain blockchain scanner here: https://decentralscan.com/tx/Ca7E4h7f9CSHmSEUx1c4K65nyyFeYw9d7NZqPV1SM3SX

A small team of programmers at Blockchain Costa Rica have developed a sustainable ecosystem. CR Coin is at the core of the ecosystem and is used as a method of exchange. The ecosystem is equipped with a business directory of over 150 merchants who accept CR Coin in exchange for their goods and services. The directory can be navigated using the following link: https://TheBlockchainParadise.com

Thanks to CR Coin, a circular economy can be developed and generate a positive impact on the overall community. Anyone participate in the social activities and be rewarded in CR Coin as an incentive for your time and effort. The CR Coin can then be spent at participating merchants which can be located using the directory mentioned above. The existing participating merchants can then spend the coin at other participating merchants. The cycle continues and the ecosystem grows with time.

The Clean Wave foundation will be a nucleus of our social impact campaign and will help CR Coin reach more foundations with similar goals. We can all help in creating a circular economy while simultaneously keeping Costa Rica clean and beautiful. Volunteer at: https://www.thecleanwave.org/volunteer/

The Clean Wave Foundation DecentralChain Alias for CR Coin Donations: thecleanwave or cleanwave

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